Management of all aspects of waste can bring the following rewards:

• Increase in operational profitability
• Reduction of operational costs
• Promotion of environmental management best practice (ISO 14001)
• Practical demonstration that your company cares about the environment

The Roydon Approach

Outsourcing is a popular approach to the issue of managing waste streams. Our experience tells us that this is only part of the solution.
The challenges associated with this management are dynamic in nature and can be continuously changing. For example, legislation
(government land fill reduction targets), customer workforce focus, production runs are amongst the business critical areas.

Each company's challenges may have different priorities but key to success is the understanding of what they are. We therefore offer the "Partnership" four stage approach to undertake:

• Check Point audit - to understand the starting point and any potential issues
• Recommendations - prepare and present our solution, assess impact upon the business, and make any appropriate changes
• Pilot Solution - test the approach and work together to get it right with minimum risk
• Implementation - move forward with the tested solution to achieve the anticipated return upon investment, making sure it stays on track
through programme management

The Partnership Programme

• Roydon Holdings has in excess of 20 years experience of working with their customers to optimise the value   they receive from their waste streams. Even against the customer pressures of changing legislation and demands upon operational efficiency, Roydon are proud to have faced these challenges with their partners.

Roydon are an Environmental Agency accredited service provider for the collection and reprocessing of both post industrial and consumer waste. We are committed to reducing the amount of your waste material that goes to landfill from both an environmental and economic point of view. We not only want to reduce your costs but be able to provide an additional revenue stream with payback from your recyclates.

We are interested in working with you to form a mutually beneficial partnership, this is how we start.